Licensed Plumbers in New Orleans

Plumbers in New Orleans LA are licensed by the state of Louisiana and take their work very seriously. You should always ensure that your plumber is licensed before hiring them. They should also have workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

Plumbing is a family business in New Orleans. Master plumber Richard Cancienne began his career by listening to buried pipes, but today he uses cameras to pinpoint problem spots.


The State of Louisiana’s plumbing licensing laws are strict, so it is crucial to hire licensed plumbers. They have passed a rigorous examination to become master plumbers and must renew their license annually. The licensing process includes passing an exam and completing continuing education. In addition, all master Plumbers in New Orleans LA must carry general liability and vehicle liability insurance for any service trucks they use. They also need workers’ compensation coverage if they employ anyone.

Before becoming a master plumber, an individual must have at least five years of verified work experience or complete an approved four-to-five-year apprenticeship. Applicants who fail the journeyman plumber exam can retake it within 90 days, but they must pay the full examination fee again. The State of Louisiana’s website provides detailed instructions on how to obtain a license.

During this time, the state was still working on its water and sewer systems. Its residents relied on hollowed cypress logs for fire hydrants and used cisterns for indoor piping for water and gas.

In 1884, a New Orleans plumber named Louis Luderbach installed the first residential enameled bathtub on St. Charles Avenue. However, it was not until 1915 that the city had a fully functional water and sewer system. Today, New Orleans’ skilled plumbers are responsible for a wide range of services, including water and sewer line installation, maintenance, repair, and renovation.


While many people think that finding a plumber is as simple as jumping on Yelp or getting a referral from a friend, the truth is more complex. You need to do a little legwork to ensure you get the best plumber for your project and that your home or business is safe.

Plumbers are trained professionals who install, repair and maintain the water, gas and sewer lines in homes and businesses. Their work is vital to keep water flowing, sewage out and gases contained. It also protects buildings from damage caused by flooding and storms, as well as fires from faulty plumbing.

In Louisiana, you can become a plumber through either an apprenticeship program or by working for a licensed contractor. The Apprenticeship Program, created by the PHCC of Louisiana, offers five years of apprenticeship training and pays a wage. It is available to residents of all ages. Another option is the United Association’s Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 60 apprenticeship program, which provides five years of on-the-job experience and allows you to earn a living wage while you learn.

If you’re looking for a reliable plumber in New Orleans, consider one with extensive experience. Not only should they have a great reputation, but they should have the skills and tools to tackle any job. The more experience a plumber has, the better they’ll be at diagnosing and fixing your problems.


Licensed plumbers should have both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance to cover accidents that could occur on your property. This is important because any time you invite someone into your home, there is a certain amount of risk involved. In the event that something goes wrong, it’s good to know who’s liable so you can avoid a lengthy legal battle.

Also, make sure that your plumbers are bonded, which covers damage caused by them while working on your plumbing. Lastly, always ask about any additional fees that may apply to your service. For example, some plumbers charge a non-negotiable service fee to send an experienced plumber over to your house to assess the problem and give you a quote.

Another important question to ask is if your plumbers offer a warranty on their work. While this may vary by plumber, most of the time it’s included in the initial estimate they give you. If your plumbers don’t provide a guarantee, you should consider hiring another company.

Getting the right plumber can save you a lot of stress, money and time. You want to find a person who is licensed, has experience and is reputable. If you need plumbing services, be sure to check out these tips and hire a reliable plumber in New Orleans. Good luck!